14-16 March, 2017
Grand Millenium Hotel , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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A Snapshot of Contact Centres in Asia: 2017 Profiling Report

Contact Centres of today have gone beyond handling enquiries and resolving complaints, where the emphasis is now on going digital and playing a strategic revenue generating role in the new age of customer experience and digitisation. 

In this report, we have compiled the findings from out latest survey conducted with the attendees for our upcoming event, Contact Centres Asia 2017.The following graphs provide insights into some of the most common challenges, the hottest topics and investment priorities for some of the biggest contact centres operating in Asia. 

The Past, Current & Future for Contact Centres

This easy-to-read infograph will show you the key trends and major differentiators of the past, current and future of contact centres. 


6 Things Contact Centres Need To Know To Capitalise On The New Customer Experience

In a world increasingly being dominated by digital, today’s contact centre professionals have embraced a new customer experience.
As customer expectations continue to be transformed by new technologies, contact centres have begun to recognise customer satisfaction as a critical focus for growth in the future, with many placing emphasis on the importance of creating an omni-channel engagement centre. 

Tackling Key Challenges in Being Truly Omni-Channel

As the global economy becomes increasingly interconnected and technologically advanced, consumers are both driving and also responding to great changes in the way they can research and complete purchases. As the range of consumer choice grows, so does the customer’s desire for convenience: a quick, simple way to discover what they want and secure it with a minimum of fuss.

In this article, we look at how contact centres manage key challenges, strategies while preparing for a truly omni-channel adoption. 


Unifying Multichannel Platform

Hoang Thi Tuyet Mai 
Manager, Contact Center